January 2024: In the Loop

In the first edition of 2024, we’re kicking of the New Year with an interview from Brandon Hall, CEO of BHA Architecture and Design, the schedule for Welcome Back Week, and recent highlights in the community as well as some upcoming events in the ecosystem.

From Ideas to Reality: How TeamWorking Supports the Journey of Entrepreneurs

In a world that has witnessed a seismic shift to remote work, the importance of genuine human interactions cannot be overstated. As businesses adapted to a virtual landscape, a decline in face-to-face interactions became evident, resulting in a decrease in knowledge flows. This decline has prompted a call to reevaluate the benefits of in-person collaboration.

Yardi Kube Names TeamWorking by TechNexus one of the Best Coworking Spaces in Chicago

It’s no surprise that Chicago is a city that fully supports flexibility when it comes to work. And this can be seen from the number of coworking spaces located throughout the city to allow everyone easy access to such a space.

TravelMag: Where to Find a Virtual Office in Chicago

Popular with the growing number of remote workers and digital nomads around the world, virtual offices are in many ways the tailor-made solution for today’s evolving working trends.

10 of the Best Coworking Spaces in Chicago

Whether you’re a solo professional, a remote employee, a small business team, or a company that has embraced a hybrid model and is in need of an occasional off-site team meeting or brainstorming venue, you can be sure that there’s a coworking space in Chicago that has just what you need.

A Recap of 2022 | TeamWorking by TechNexus

As 2022 comes to a close and we welcome in 2023, here’s a TeamWorking recap of the past year.