Rethink your Workplace

TeamWorking is the epicenter and gateway to an innovation ecosystem that includes ventures, enterprises, investors, incubators, innovation labs, and more. Work in a place that has been built with today’s team in mind – collaborative, flexible, and hybrid. Centrally located in downtown Chicago it is the command post where teams grow.


If you are looking for a place to connect in person with your team, network, build community, host meetings and events, or organize prosumer/industry showcases, TeamWorking offers different membership options customized to meet your needs.

We invite talented, ambitious entrepreneurs or technologists building impactful AudioTech or audio-focused businesses to join. IMMERSE is your source for seed & growth capital, resources, and ecosystem expertise.

We invite investors, corporate innovators, individuals, or other organizations interested in next-generation audio solutions and technologies to join. IMMERSE provides expansive insight into the audio ecosystem.

What is TeamWorking?

In today’s remote work paradigm, TeamWorking is a place for companies to physically meet and collaborate in a safe, ready-made, integrated environment.


TeamWorking is powered by TechNexus Venture Collaborative. It is the future of work—a workplace where companies convene when they need to reach beyond the virtual.


Drop in a few days a week to step away from the home office or make it a home base for your company. Engage with an entrepreneurial community eager to rethink what it means to get back to the workplace.


Breakthrough innovation happens when you are with the right people, at the right time, in the right place. TeamWorking is the right place for teams to connect, create and collaborate.

How can a TeamWorking
membership create value?

TeamWorking is more than office space. It empowers entrepreneurs to build innovative ventures and accelerates growth for corporations through venture collaboration. We have assembled essential hybrid solutions, aligned incubation services, and access to crucial connections in dozens of industry & technology verticals to accelerate your team’s success.


The purpose-built, modular space (65,000 sq. ft) is perfect for teams to collaborate safely with each other. Additional amenities include: outdoor roof terrace, business mailing address, wellness center, podcast studio, concierge, printing, storage services, and more.

Community Programming

Hybrid events & programming include virtual and in-person networking opportunities to participate in user groups, meetups, panel discussions, fireside chats, and hackathons. Plus, relaxed communal gatherings to enjoy and celebrate.

Peer Collaboration

Share and learn best practices and real-time insights on industry and operational topics, networking, problem-solving, and idea-sharing.

Ecosystem Access

Members have access to Chicago’s premier industry network. Over 50 current TeamWorking ventures, 500+ alumni, an unsurpassed ecosystem of 10,000 tech executives, and various corporations within arm’s reach.

Partner Offers

Our partner network of technology, software, hardware, and service providers unlocks vital resources to best support you as you grow.

Join us and TeamWork with Chicago's innovation leaders

We’re seeking talented, ambitious teams of all shapes and sizes interested in reinventing innovation through collaboration.

About TechNexus Venture Collaborative

TechNexus is a Venture Collaborative, a unique combination of businesses, corporate joint-ventures, private equity funds, and an investment portfolio that spans many verticals.


Since 2007, TechNexus has managed a robust platform to empower entrepreneurs, transform business models at scale and drive innovation through ecosystems.


The company has accelerated business opportunities between dozens of leading corporations and more than 600 startups and is among the most active venture investors in the US.