Scaling starts here.

an inclusive community for entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, and teams.​

We’re on a mission to make Chicago the place where companies and entrepreneurs come to connect and scale.

TeamWorking by TechNexus is a shared collaborative space for teams looking to redefine what it means to be “back in the office” and build, bigger and faster together. It's a smarter, collaborative space dynamic with dedicated offices for scaling teams, flexible membership access, and meeting rooms.

TeamWorking is the physical manifestation of the TechNexus ecosystem.

While TeamWorking was officially launched in 2020, the concept of TeamWorking has been in TechNexus’ DNA for over fifteen years. The idea- a collaboration “clubhouse” where corporations and entrepreneurs meet at the intersection of innovation and growth. 


Over the years, thousands of entrepreneurs built & launched businesses, raised capital, and found connection, support, and guidance within these four walls.

Collaboration is the key to transformative growth.

TechNexus discovered inspiration through the power of community and collaboration too. It established a first-of-its-kind Venture Collaborative and now unlocks ecosystem access for industry-leading corporate partners and global entrepreneurs; becoming one of the most active investors with a growing investment portfolio of over 120 companies.