Help your network find the right workspace with TeamWorking by TechNexus. TeamWorking offers 5% paid quarterly for up to 12 months of occupancy, whether that be a Dedicated Office or Flexible Membership.

Terms & Conditions: A referral bonus (“Bonus”) may be paid with respect to new members (each, a “Referral”, and collectively, “Referrals”) who join TeamWorking by TechNexus and remain members for at least one month. Current and past TeamWorking members as well as non-members are eligible to receive the Bonus by referring a Referral. To be eligible for the Bonus, the referring person must contact for the referral before the Referral completes a tour at the TeamWorking by TechNexus location. If two individuals refer the same Referral, the Bonus will go to the individual who first submitted the referral form. No Bonus will be paid if the Referral has already been in contact with Operations at the time the referral is made. Referring individual will receive the Bonus through a cash payment to be issued following the conclusion of the Referral’s first full month as a member of TeamWorking by TechNexus paid quarterly.

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