Revolutionizing the Work Landscape: Embracing a New Way of Working

Recent studies have shown that working from home has resulted in a decline in employee productivity and reshaped the economy as we know it.

During the 2019 pandemic, employees were forced to work remotely resulting in a huge decrease in commuting to work in the office. In the blink of an eye, remote work skyrocketed from 4% to a staggering 54% (Goldberg, 2023). Because of this unprecedented shift, urban businesses suffered. With the increase of remote workers, suburban businesses experienced a resurgence and the number of urban businesses decreased. Most businesses adopted entirely remote strategies, with some continuing to offer remote options to this day.

However, beneath the surface, the effects of this remote work revolution have been detrimental. Research studies have unveiled that remote work halts career advancement and hurts feedback employees receive on their work. A closer look post-pandemic reveals that remote work experienced a surge in popularity among specific groups such as mothers because of its convenience and flexibility. On the other hand, this new profound flexibility has caused mothers to ask fewer follow-up questions, potentially limiting their engagement (Goldberg, 2023). Distractions also come into play with remote work leading to decreased productivity — more breaks and less work. 

The pandemic involuntarily thrust many into the world of remote work. Individuals who don’t work well from home were thrown into an unconventional work environment where employment and domestic life were forcefully combined. For folks who liked to keep those worlds separate, it was difficult. This change wasn’t easy, and for some, the struggle continues. Here at TeamWorking by TechNexus, we have a groundbreaking solution. What if we told you that you didn’t have to work from home? 

At TeamWorking, we’ve developed an array of options to choose from when it comes to seeking a space away from home to work. We are on a mission to eliminate the negative effects of remote work by providing office spaces and collaborative environments for entrepreneurs and teams alike. Whether you and your team are seeking a quiet space to work or somewhere to collaborate, we have it all. 

Join us at TeamWorking where we’ve eased the transition from remote work to the office, offering a seamless bridge between productivity and flexibility. Discover a new way of working that’s truly revolutionary. 

Source: Goldberg, E. (2023, October 10). Here’s What We Do and Don’t Know About the Effects of Remote Work. The New York Times.