Scaling to New Heights: Maximizing your Company’s Growth Potential

What’s a coworking space without understanding the needs of the teams that use it? According to Helga Moreno’s “Inside the Minds of Coworking Space Members,” coworking community members value the importance of collaboration, flexibility, supportive administration, and amenities. In a research study performed in Ukraine, there was a survey sent out to better understand the state of the coworking market during the war and evaluate the trends in the industry. 

The responses revealed that 28% of coworking space members value the importance of a collaborative atmosphere. Members feel a vibrant community and the opportunity for communication and collaboration, are extremely important for productivity. Additionally, 18% of respondents emphasized the importance of saving money and 14% of respondents emphasized flexibility regarding members’ needs. Employees who utilize coworking spaces value the ability to customize their workspace to their liking. 22% of respondents valued the service level of administrators and the location of the coworking space such as amenities, professional support, and access to transportation. Lastly, coworking space members value the responsiveness of administrators, social gatherings, the ability to invite guests, and reliable technology in meeting rooms.

By discovering the necessities of coworking space users, administrators of spaces have the opportunity to enhance their services, boost member satisfaction, and adjust their strategies to align with the ever-changing expectations of the industry. TeamWorking by TechNexus understands and meets these demands. 

TeamWorking by TechNexus believes that collaboration is the key to transformative growth and success. That’s why they’ve created a productive work environment with access to meeting rooms and dedicated offices for your team. TeamWorking addresses the need for flexibility within the collaborative space by supporting the accommodation requests of their Collaborators at all hours of the day. Staff are friendly, efficient, and easily reachable to address the desires of their members. Whether it’s tech support or any other needs, TeamWorking puts its Collaborators at the center every single time.  

TeamWorking also addresses the industry demands of event improvement and the ability to invite guests to the coworking space by allowing their members to host events with the onsite events team. Collaborators can sit back and relax while the event team takes care of the setup and tear-down process. All they have to do is show up. Additionally, TeamWorking is located in the most easily accessible part of the city, just a five-minute walk from Chicago Union Station, Ogilvie Transportation Center, and the CTA loop. With the best restaurants and coffee shops in the area, there’s no better place to work with your team. 

TeamWorking strives to create a comfortable and dynamic environment for its Collaborators. With a multitude of amenities, including complimentary coffee and snacks, a rooftop and fitness center, and much more, we aim to provide an exceptional experience. There’s nothing like having a space to work that caters to your everyday needs. TeamWorking by TechNexus is your yes-man, ride-or-die, and right-hand man all in one. 

Moreno, H. (2023, June 15). Inside the minds of Coworking Space Members: Research Findings revealed. andcards.