Beyond Hybrid: Embracing Coworking Spaces to Foster Social Fulfillment

Is hybrid work enough to combat employee loneliness? Recently there have been debates over whether hybrid work is the answer to having a healthy balance between remote and in-office work. Unfortunately with hybrid work policies, people are still feeling lonely at home and even more disconnected from their coworkers when working from the office. 

The well-being of employees is extremely important as it contributes to their performance. Even before the pandemic, employees were dealing with workplace loneliness. This isn’t a new issue, but it has become worse post-pandemic. Researchers have been continuously trying to find a solution to the disconnectedness that workers are experiencing. 

According to the findings in the Social Connection in Remote Work Research Study (SCRWRS), among the spaces beyond the office and home, such as hotel lobbies, coworking sites, and cafes, coworking sites take the cake. A survey from the research study concluded that coworking sites were more socially fulfilling than working from the office or home. 64% of the 819 respondents reported feeling more fulfilled socially when working at places like coworking sites rather than working from the office and 67% of the respondents felt more socially fulfilled at coworking sites than from home (Hadley et al., 2023). A big reason for these results is because of the relational job-crafting aspect of coworking spaces. 

Coworking sites such as TeamWorking by TechNexus are extremely flexible which makes it easy to relationally craft your job. At TeamWorking, you can craft your day however you please and have 100% control over who you engage with throughout the workday. According to the SCRWRS, coworking sites offer better opportunities for relational job crafting than office or home environments (Hadley et al., 2022). People often believe that a hybrid work schedule is the answer to being able to craft your day but that is far from the truth.

At TeamWorking, you’ll fall in love with coworking. Whether you need an escape from coworkers or want to meet new people, we’ll cater to your every need. There are experiences you’ll have here that you wouldn’t at a standard office. In traditional offices, you won’t be able to meet people from a wide variety of occupations or businesses. At TeamWorking you might even have the chance to work and collaborate with other companies. We’ve had so many companies bring our dream of collaboration to life. That’s what coworking is all about. 

Additionally, coworking spaces provide coworking events that facilitate professional development and networking. The results of the SCRWRS illustrate that employees enjoy when there are chances to socialize, learn, and meet others at work (Hadley et al., 2023). TeamWorking is always planning exciting events for its members. For example, we host an annual Chicago Tech Breakfast Club where people can come to network and grab a bite. There are so many unique features of our coworking site that you don’t want to miss out on. At TeamWorking you don’t have to work alone…or with others. Do what’s comfortable for you. Just know coworking is the best choice. In 2024, hybrid and remote work is out. Coworking is in!


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